Five Best Haunted Boutique Hotels in Savannah


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Savannah, as I said in my previous sponsored post, is a city where good and evil walk together, hand in hand. To experience the dark side of this city, you can lodge in one of many haunted Savannah hotels. You might spot a ghost or two, but if you do not, you will still get your money’s worth being treated to southern hospitality with a precious, boutique touch.

Olde Harbour Inn

Olde Harbour Inn is a boutique hotel located between Factors Walk and River Street. The inn’s building boasts a long history dating back to 1812, when the wooden structure was built. In 1890, a fire claimed the property that was soon rebuilt out of bricks. Since the fire, rumours of haunted presences have been spreading, rumours confirmed by members of the hotel's staff, which renamed one of the Inn’s ghosts “Hank”.

East Bay Inn

The history of this former hub of Savannah’s cotton trade dates back to 1852, when Edward Padefford started construction of the building, following the trend of Greek Revival architecture. Skip to today, and you will hear spooky stories about “Charley”, the ghost haunting the premises.

Eliza Thompson House

The spirits of confederate soldiers and a girl wearing a white gown are said to haunt The Eliza Thompson House. The soldiers are often spotted moving in one of the upstairs windows while the girl floats around the hallways. During your stay at this Savannah Hotel, you are guaranteed a spooky experience.

The Kehoe House

The Kehoe house is one of the most popular stops of the many Ghost Tours arranged in the haunted city of Savannah. The house, built in 1892, was home to the large Kehoe family. The Queen Ann style building was the setting to a tragedy, and since then, paranormal activities have been giving the mansion his haunted reputation. The young Kehoe twins disappeared while playing in a chimney and their ghosts have been spooking guests and hotel staff ever since. Strange encounters were also reported in room 201 and 203, where full body appearances of a child murmuring “come play with me” have been a recurring occurrence.

The Marshall House

The Marshall house is probably one of the most haunted properties in Savannah. The building used to be a hospital, and countless people passed away within the premises, creating the perfect setting for rumours to spread and ghosts to be sighted. The Travel Channel has reported the paranormal activities in The Marshall House on several occasions, and guests often claim to have heard inexplicable loud noises, taps turning on and off and objects moving on their own.

I don’t know if you believe in ghosts of not, but there is a sinister shadow behind all of these wicked hotels, the one of HLC Hotels, Inc, the company that owns them all.

Why gather a number of haunted mansions and turn them into boutique hotels? What could be the wicked scheme behind it? One can only wonder, but the thought of a secret corporation casting its shadow on paranormal activity in Savannah makes a cold shiver run up my spine.

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