Pietro Buzzanca grew up in Rome exposed to the irresistible charms of the eternal city, but also to the work environments of his unconventional extended family operating in the fields of scenography, philosophy, filmmaking, and illustration.

Since a very young age, Pietro lead a mutable life, without ever coming to grasp what belonging to just one place meant. This lack of strong rooting allowed his curiosity to thrive, and transformed him into an adaptable chameleon, both professionally and socially.

Aged eighteen, Pietro packed his bags and left Rome, and since then he has not stopped, living and travelling to roughly 70 countries, becoming fluent in four languages, and looking for answers, adventures, jobs, and connections that could enhance the colour pallet he uses to paint his stories. 

Pietro graduated in Mechanical Engineering in Dublin and worked as a wind energy consultant in Cape Town, he was a night porter and screenwriter in Paris, a caterer and copywriter in Bangkok, and a bike courier in Melbourne. Every time savings and time allowed, he also ran from routinary life, traveling solo to remote locations.

In 2013, after a yearlong stint in Paris spent perfecting his writing skills, strong of his first publications, Pietro decided to finally take the plunge, and realise his childhood dreams of becoming a storyteller and a pirate. In November that year, he left for a world tour over land and sea with only one limitation -no planes.

Since then, several outlets rewarded Pietro’s writing, and he succeeded becoming a real pirate, crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans while crewing on sailing vessels under captains of different nationalities.

Today, Pietro is working hard to rely on his talent to tell a good story and trying to make ends meet as a location-independent minstrel.

To work with Pietro send him an email pietro.buzzanca @ gmail.com
In Paris, with the precious aid of Clément Buffière, Roland Theimer, Michele Galasso and some bottles of wine, we wrote a manifesto trying to capture our ethos, you can download it here.

Download Manifesto

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